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We’re coming up on the 60th anniversary of Ultraman’s debut on Japanese television, and the enormous, powerful superhero has experienced many media interpretations over the decades, including the 2022 film, “Shin Ultraman.” He returns to the screen in the animated endeavor, “Ultraman: Rising,” which offers plenty of action for kaiju fans, but co-writer/director Shannon Tindle (“Lost Ollie”) looks to create a more human take on the fantasy creation, merging family issues and the might of monster activity. “Ultraman: Rising” certainly has moments of cuteness as it deals with the antics of a baby kaiju and pressures of parenthood facing the costumed warrior, but there’s some darkness to the feature as well, with Tindle striving to balance all the action fans of the subgenre expect with a slightly more serious tale of generational expectations and responsibilities. Read the rest at


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