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Film Review - Trigger Warning


The general cooling of Jessica Alba’s acting career is perhaps best exemplified in “Trigger Warning” (which was shot nearly three years ago). The actress is fitted for a one-woman-army role, tasked with portraying a believable, military-trained killing machine in the endeavor, giving her the “John Wick” treatment for viewers who’ve had their fill of these movies in recent years. The writing sets up a simple examination of good vs. evil in the American southwest, and it hands indie director Mouly Surya her first big studio picture. All that really needs to happen here is competent hellraising from a questionable source of fury, but “Trigger Warning” often stumbles, especially with poor writing and lackluster performances. Alba commits to the physical needs of the part, but she’s somewhat lost in a film that hopes to summon the spirit of Chuck Norris, but only gets as far as Joe Don Baker. Read the rest at


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