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Film Review - Reverse the Curse


David Duchovny is best known for his acting in television shows, but he’s created a directorial career over the years, breaking into feature-length filmmaking with 2005’s “House of D,” also claiming a screenplay credit. The picture didn’t work, despite a capable cast, but Duchovny tries again with “Reverse the Curse,” which returns him to the delicate ways of relationships and regrets. Marketing plans are pushing the movie as more of a lighthearted study of a family reunion and the strange influence of baseball, but Duchovny wants something deeper with the endeavor, which strives to provide a more sensitive viewing experience with emotionally constipated characters. It’s not another “House of D,” but “Reverse the Curse” shares similar tonal problems and general helming issues, with Duchovny struggling to craft a dramedy capable of hitting hearts and finding humor. It ends up a mushy pile of moods, but, once again, acting is the highlight of the effort. Read the rest at


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