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Film Review - Bad Boys: Ride or Die


2020’s “Bad Boys for Life” managed to revitalize the franchise for ticket-buyers, becoming the highest-grossing sequel of the series, proving there was still audience interest in the world of supercops Lowry and Burnett. Creatively, new directors Adil El Arbi and Bilall Falllah brought nothing fresh to the series, content to ape departing helmer Michael Bay and his brand of visual overkill. “Life” was numbing, overlong, and lacking in humor. There was room for improvement, but the approach clicked at the box office, and Arbi and Bilall (in their first assignment after their “Batgirl” movie was cancelled) are back to business with “Bad Boys: Ride or Die.” The film is basically “Bad Boys for Life 2,” offering a direct sequel to the previous chapter, which, once again, finds the main characters in a whole heap of trouble in Miami, while viewers are treated to the same level of sensory overload and haphazard scripting. Read the rest at


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