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There's some level of bravery to "The Horrible Dr. Hitchcock," with the 1962 production trying to explore the ways of necrophilia without triggering utter disgust from viewers and censors of the day. Director Riccardo Freda doesn't shy away from the central display of inhuman lust, but he's not making an offering of underground cinema here, going gothic with the endeavor, which is more of an atmospheric viewing experience than a suspenseful one. "The Horrible Dr. Hitchcock" moves slowly, absurdly so at times, but there's style to keep the audience interested in the weird cravings of a doctor and his specific carnal appetites, preferring his partners to be lifeless. There's some eeriness to the feature, and perversion, helping to support the movie when it shows a general reluctance to march ahead as a wild display of madness. Read the rest at


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