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J.K. Simmons has played evil characters before, but he finds a particular mean streak to explore in “You Can’t Run Forever.” The production is a family affair of sorts, with Simmons’s wife, Michelle Schumacher, co-scripting (with Carolyn Carpenter) and directing the endeavor; their daughter, Olivia, claims a supporting role; and son Joe is the composer for the project. It’s Simmons all around here, and the gang conjures a survival thriller of sorts, with the actor portraying a seemingly average man experiencing a psychotic break, electing to pursue a young girl through the woods, feeling alive as he sets out to murder innocent people. The role plays to Simmons’s strengths as an intense performer, and the writing cooks up some nasty business for him to work with. As an overall study of suspense, “You Can’t Run Forever” starts to fall apart at the midway point, when it becomes clear Schumacher isn’t interested in making a tightly edited nightmare, allowing the feature to go limp. Read the rest at


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