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“IF” is being marketed as a lighthearted family film, and one with a giant purple monster, soft and huggable as can be, at the center of its promotional efforts. The creature is in the feature, but ways of joyousness and silliness doesn’t have as big a role in the production as anticipated. Writer/director John Krasinski certainly isn’t at fault for the selling of “IF,” but he’s definitely in charge of the picture’s very uneven tone, caught up in a strange desire to make a heartwarming study of lost childhood imagination, burying it under layers of cloying screenwriting. Krasinski’s heart seems to be in the right place, but his execution misses the mark, stuck trying to marry a movie about the exploits of colorful imaginary friends and their occasional goofball antics with a story concerning a 12-year-old girl’s anxiety over losing her father to heart surgery after already watching her mother succumb to cancer. It’s hard to understand what Krasinski is going for with this endeavor. Read the rest at


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