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Film Review - I Saw the T.V. Glow


“I Saw the T.V. Glow” offers viewers a trip into the unknown. Writer/director Jane Schoenbrun goes the surreal route with the feature, asking the audience to ride along with a story that holds very little dramatic potency, as the production is largely supported by its visuals, which burn across time, swim through madness, and visit the ways of television programming found in the 1990s. Schoenbrun aims to baffle with the endeavor, trusting in the lure of dreamlike imagery and nightmare visitations as she details the journey of a young man who exists in a state of fear, finding a connection to someone also dealing with the weight of the world. They locate an outlet in fantasy entertainment, while Schoenbrun escalates the film’s mysteriousness along the way, reaching a potential point of divisiveness where ticket-buyers are either going to feast on the interpretive elements of the picture, or politely reject the helmer’s attempt to become the new David Lynch. Read the rest at


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