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We don’t see much of Jean-Claude Van Damme these days, making his appearance in “Darkness of Man” something to celebrate. And he tries to stretch with the part, portraying a haggard man of the law looking to atone for past sins through the protection of a teenage boy, caught between Russian and Korean gangsters in Los Angeles. Van Damme provides a grizzled take on a dying spirit, playing up the character’s detective noir design, and he's often the best part of a weak film. Co-writer/director James Cullen Bressack (who’s been churning out forgettable features for the last decade) makes a pass at creating a level of Hell for the main character, but the B-movie-ness of the endeavor can’t be contained. “Darkness of Man” is stuck with cliched writing and flat visuals, going through the motions, unable to find the depths of gravitas Van Damme imagines himself reaching at times. Read the rest at


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