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Film Review - Sasquatch Sunset


David and Nathan Zellner make very strange movies. That’s what they’re known for, trying to bend and twist indie cinema expectations with their oddball takes on genres and performances. Over the last decade, they’ve made “Kumiko, The Treasure Hunter” and “Damsel,” and now they attempt to pull off perhaps their most divisive idea with “Sasquatch Sunset,” which is literally 90 minutes of watching a family of creatures navigate the world around them and the storms of behavior within. There is no dialogue, just grunting, and human characters are nowhere to be found, with the siblings concentrating on this semi-remake of “Bambi,” only here the seasons change and life goes on for bigfoots on the move in the big, beautiful world. There’s no recommending “Sasquatch Sunset,” with warnings more appropriate, as the Zellners really go for it here, trying to make something almost absurd with the picture, giving those willing to strap in a ride of strangeness that doesn’t come around much these days. Read the rest at


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