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Blu-ray Review - Police Academy 5: Assignment Miami Beach


After spending the last two sequels on the Police Academy grounds, producer Paul Maslansky hopes to shake things up with a little fun and sun for "Police Academy 5: Assignment Miami Beach." Well, maybe not the fun part, but there's plenty of Floridian sights and sounds in the endeavor, which is the first without star Steve Guttenberg, making more room for the supporting cast to shine. Director Alan Myerson has a better grasp on slapstick for this installment, doing relatively well with physical comedy, but the screenplay by Stephen Curwick isn't rich with amusing antics. What the writing does contain is more of a storyline for the series, giving viewers something to follow as the production lines up the usual in pranks and humiliations, finding staleness generally holding back the merriment Myerson is looking to communicate. Read the rest at


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