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Blu-ray Review - Police Academy 3: Back in Training


1985's "Police Academy 2: Their First Assignment" was a quickie production, meant to cash-in on the raging success of 1984's "Police Academy," giving fans another shot of slapstick while they were still digesting the original endeavor. For producer Paul Maslansky, speed helped, and while "Their First Assignment" wasn't as big a hit as the first film, it managed to make a substantial amount of money on a limited budget, proving that quickness was preferable to quality. Once again, Maslansky slaps together a new adventure for the Class of '84 in 1986's "Police Academy 3: Back in Training," which was released 51 weeks after the first sequel, cementing a marketplace plan that would carry on for nearly the rest of the series. Recognizing that urban adventuring probably wasn't the true way to go with the premise, Maslansky, screenwriter Gene Quintano, and director Jerry Paris return to the essentials of tomfoolery with "Back in Training," which makes a noticeable effort to reinstate original characters and revive the "institution" atmosphere for the comedy, once again pushing weirdos through the law enforcement educational system. Read the rest at


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