Blu-ray Review - Police Academy
Film Review - Blood for Dust

Blu-ray Review - Police Academy 2: Their First Assignment


Hopes were high for 1984's "Police Academy" to do some business, but nobody could've predicted its massive success. The little comedy managed to enchant audiences for months, ending up as the sixth highest-grossing feature of the year (sandwiched between "The Karate Kid" and "Footloose"), putting producer Paul Maslansky in a position to launch a potential franchise with a superb chance for low-budget profitability. Instead of mulling over his creative directions, Maslansky slammed "Police Academy 2: Their First Assignment" into production, with the picture arriving in theaters a mere 53 weeks after the original offering of cadet mischief. Setting the tone for future sequels, "Their First Assignment" isn't concerned with plot and it doesn't do much with character, moving forward with pranks, stunts, and general tomfoolery with a new PG-13 rating and a desire to bring in a wider audience for the brand name. Read the rest at


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