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Blu-ray Review - Bloodfeast! The Adventures of Sgt. Lunch


1991's "Bloodfeast! The Adventures of Sgt. Lunch" is a goof. It was made as a distraction while director David Palamaro and his friends were involved with the military, using their base as a studio of sorts, giving them room to explore what's intended to be a supercop cinema parody, attempting to go silly with a shot-on-video endeavor. There's certainly the central idea of a heroic law enforcement officer on the hunt for crime, dealing with despicable villains and a killing machine. The humor of it all is up for debate, as Palamaro basically uses "Sgt. Lunch" (which doesn't even have an IMDB entry) as his film school, learning about the ways of timing and execution as he screws around with his buddies and their plastic guns. They're clearly having a ball making the picture, but it's not quite as fun to sit through it. Read the rest at


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