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Sony is determined to do something with their rights to the Spider-Man Universe, emboldened to explore the comic book space after the massive success of two “Venom” pictures, which managed to entice the fan base back into theaters. 2022’s “Morbius” had the opposite effect, with the feature dismissed and fully ridiculed, identifying that name recognition alone isn’t enough to tempt the faithful. Sony takes another swing with “Madame Web,” which also plays in the “Spider-Man” sandbox without actually including the web-crawler, offering an origin story for a character with limited superhero appeal in a movie that makes every conceivable wrong move. From script to screen, “Madame Web” is a dire endeavor, with co-writer/director S.J. Clarkson in over her head with this stunningly clumsy exploration of strange powers, motherhood, and villainy. The film won’t be the death of superhero cinema, but it’s a good reminder that greater care is required when bringing these strange worlds to life. Read the rest at


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