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Film Review - Dune: Part Two


Hollywood isn’t big on taking risks, but they put their faith into director Denis Villeneuve, who wanted to bring Frank Herbert’s literary sci-fi epic, “Dune,” to the screen once again. Such ambition isn’t unheard of, but labeling the picture as “Part One” without a second chapter in the can was unusual, depending on audience response to trigger production on a sequel. The gamble paid off, with the success of “Part One” finally clearing the way for “Dune: Part Two,” which realizes the second half of Herbert’s novel, with Villeneuve returning to finish what he started a few years ago. Picking up where he left off, the helmer looks to increase the scale and depth of “Dune,” newly emboldened to dig into the fine details of this universe, examining its chess game of power while confronting the potency of authority as it bleeds into extremism. “Part Two” makes some curious moves in its final moments, but it remains as consistently enthralling as the previous chapter, and Villeneuve certainly puts on a visual show for fans, once again wowing with his technical achievements. Read the rest at


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