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Blu-ray Review - Amazon Jail II

Blu-ray Review - Amazon Jail


1985's "Amazon Jail" is an exploitation film, there's no doubt about it. The primary goal of the Brazilian production is to showcase as many nude ladies as possible, playing to expectations for a women-in-prison picture. This aspect of the feature is certainly prominent during the run time, with the production happy to follow as many unclothed characters as possible. The actual entertainment value of "Amazon Jail" is up for debate, as co- writer/director Oswaldo de Oliveira shows little interest in storytelling with this endeavor, fumbling around with the plot and characters as he tries to provide the vague shape of a prison escape movie without actually putting in the effort to sharpen excitement or define characters. It's always strange to watch something that's meant to disturb and titillate become rather dull. Read the rest at


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