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Film Review - He Went That Way

Film Review - The Bricklayer


Director Renny Harlin returns with “The Bricklayer,” which is meant to launch the cinematic adventures of Steve Vail, an ex-government agent who’s been exposed to too much while on the job, looking for peace in the construction industry. As it always goes with these things, Vail is pulled back into the muck of paranoia, double-crosses, and violent attacks, with author Noah Boyd providing literary inspiration for screenwriters Hanna Weg and Matt Johnson, who attempt to bring the excitement of the page to the screen. Harlin isn’t the same action authority he once was, and “The Bricklayer” doesn’t supply much of a jolt for viewers. It’s fairly generic, with star Aaron Eckhart tasked with creating a growly one-man-army figure for the helmer to bash around, but if you’ve seen one deadly encounter, you’ve seen them all here, finding the picture repetitive and surprisingly flat when it comes to matters of growing threats and past relationships. Read the rest at


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