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Film Review - Fast Charlie


Director Phillip Noyce has experienced a highly uneven career, managing to oversee some impressive cinematic achievements (“Rabbit-Proof Fence,” “Dead Calm”) during his prime years, while his recent output has been erratic, handling lower-budgeted fare in “The Desperate Hours” and “Above Suspicion,” looking to make textured pictures about distressed people. He returns to action and attitude with “Fast Charlie,” with star Pierce Brosnan portraying a steely man thrust into a situation of survival as organized crime power plays grow violent and personal. The screenplay by Richard Wenk (“The Equalizer,” “The Protégé”) isn’t the most original work, but the writing is more attentive to character than plot, offering viewers some compelling psychology to go with Noyce’s half-speed aggression. “Fast Charlie” doesn’t jump off the screen, but it’s an engaging ride with morally dubious people trying to figure out a future that isn’t guaranteed. Read the rest at


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