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Film Review - The Shift


“The Shift” is a feature-length version of a 2017 short film by writer/director Brock Heasley, and he returns to make sense of material that initially ran 20 minutes, and now runs just under two hours. It’s an adaptation that initially seems ambitious, bringing viewers into a fantasy world where multiple realities are controlled through technology, and faith is the power that drives away evil. It’s not an unappealing premise, especially for an episode of television, but Heasley is determined to make a movie out of “The Shift,” and it never comes together. It’s Christian entertainment with a defined message of hope, but the rest of the writing is a little murkier, going into the multiverse while attempting to examine a relatively simple study of grief. “The Shift” isn’t compelling, with Heasley struggling to find some sort of pace to the endeavor, which largely remains in conversation mode, diluting any potential for suspense. Read the rest at


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