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4K UHD Review - Gorgo


1961's "Gorgo" is largely remembered as the giant monster movie with a heart. There's plenty of destruction in the feature, and even human death, but the production attempts to soften kaiju motivation, making the film more about an angry mother than a more traditional raging beast. Directed by Eugene Lourie, "Gorgo" has a unique personality and interesting locations, taking the action to an Irish island before unleashing mayhem in London, and, as giant monster entertainment goes, there's some inviting man-in-suit work and miniature construction, acting to balance out some of the cruder special effects of the day. The endeavor certainly loses any sense of timing in the final act, but Lourie has command over the tone of the effort, creating genuinely compelling chaos in a subgenre that's often loaded with more generic pandemonium. Read the rest at


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