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Film Review - Flamin' Hot


“Flamin’ Hot” tells the story of Richard Montanez, who claimed to have invented an extra spicy snack food that helped to boost the fortunes of megacorporation PepsiCo when they needed it the most. The movie arrives with some controversy, which is unexpected when dealing with a story about Cheetos, but there’s been a general questioning of Montanez’s claim of ownership in recent years, with the screenplay (credited to Lewis Colick) working solely from Montanez’s 2013 autobiography (“A Boy, a Burrito, and a Cookie”), strictly following his version of the events that led to his marketplace breakthrough. Take “Flamin’ Hot” as a true story, and it doesn’t connect. Accept it as a one-note inspirational tale, and there’s more to enjoy, with director Eva Longoria making sure viewers understand the power of self-worth and motivation when selling the story of a man and his junk food destiny. Read the rest at


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