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Film Review - Heroes of the Golden Mask


Director Sean Patrick O’Reilly has an extensive background in budget animation, overseeing the creation of such titles as “The Steam Engines of Oz,” “Howard Lovecraft and the Frozen Kingdom,” and “Go Fish” (he recently took on a live-action project, “Corrective Measures,” which has the distinction of being the least depressing of the “Bruce Willis isn’t well” run of features). He returns to duty with “Heroes of the Golden Mask,” which is a Chinese production looking to offer some action and magic to younger viewers in the mood for a simple distraction. The picture does just fine with physical activity, with O’Reilly keeping the endeavor on the move, staging chases and battles with mild excitement. However, while “Heroes of the Golden Mask” is filled with world-building and characters, it’s also determined to have a sense of humor, making funny business quite unappealing, often getting in the way of a passable offering of low-budget adventure. Read the rest at


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