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If there must be a movie about a man stuck inside a lavish apartment with no hope of ever escaping, slowly going crazy as the days pass and resources dry up, it should star Willem Dafoe. “Inside” scratches a lot of itches in this regard, giving the iconic actor a fresh shot at depicting extreme boredom as it gradually melts into madness, delivering a performance that not only has to support the entire endeavor, but manages to as well. It’s a strange project from director Vasilis Katsoupis and writer Ben Hopkins, who attempt to rethink the prison picture, only here the confines are cavernous, putting Dafoe’s character in the middle of luxury living in New York City. “Inside” is something of a survival story as well, but the production mostly remains on the frayed ends of sanity, generating a highly specific viewing experience for more adventurous filmgoers, but fans of Dafoe get the full show when it comes to the actor’s love of playing psychologically shredded people. Read the rest at


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