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Blu-ray Review - Moonstalker


During the 1970s and '80, campgrounds were downgraded as a cinematic setting, transformed from a peaceful time in nature to a slaughterhouse environment for slasher cinema, boosted by the success of "Friday the 13th." 1989's "Moonstalker" hopes to participate in some nightmarish encounters, with writer/director Michael S. O'Rourke taking the production to Nevada during the wintertime, arranging a tale of a determined killer and the campers he's targeting, with future victims more interested in sex than survival. "Moonstalker" is as basic as it gets, with O'Rourke leaning on genre highlights to get by, failing to head in different creative directions, depending on horror fans to meet him halfway as tent encounters commence and bodies begin to pile up. And yet, despite such familiarity, there's something compellingly low budget about the effort, finding O'Rourke battling intense cold and snow while trying to sell some form of suspense. And there's a slight endgame here worth sticking around for, finally exposing some sickness to keep the movie interesting. Read the rest at


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