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Blu-ray Review - Unmasking the Idol


If you were a filmgoer in the 1980s, perhaps you were thinking, "This James Bond movie needs more ninjas." Or maybe, "This ninja movie needs more James Bond." Well, 1986's "Unmasking the Idol" is going to be your best friend, as director Worth Skeeter attempts to merge the worlds of martial arts and superspy adventures, delivering all the excitement he can with a very limited budget, unknown actors, and sets left over from previous productions. Ambition runs pretty high here, as Skeeter strives to make a big impression with his action extravaganza, trying to deliver furious battles and elaborate escape plans while offering a tongue-in-cheek take on 007-style antics featuring a British secret agent. "Unmasking the Idol" isn't sturdily built, lacking a great deal of momentum in the second act, but it's a fun romp for the most part, as Skeeter really wants to entertain with this effort, doing what he can to delight viewers. And if you're thinking, "Does this James Bond movie about ninjas contain a supporting performance from a baboon wearing a gi?" The answer is yes. Read the rest at


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