4K UHD Review - Halloween H20
Film Review - There’s Something Wrong with the Children

4K UHD Review - Halloween: Resurrection


The producers had it. They had it. 1998's "Halloween H20" ended on a perfect note of rage and catharsis, giving Laurie Strode the conclusion she deserved after running from Michael Myers for two decades. There was nothing left in the Strode saga to mine, making the final minute of the feature deeply satisfying and refreshingly blunt. And then the movie made money. A sizable amount too, reigniting interest in a brand name that was slowly fading away. Profit was suddenly substantial, motivating Dimension Pictures to cough up a continuation solely out to sponge up the remaining financial potential of the revived series, settling on 2002's "Halloween: Resurrection," putting Curtis back in action for an extended cameo that's a complete disservice to her character, while the rest is a dreadful display of bad acting and lame suspense, resulting in the worst chapter of the long-running franchise. Read the rest at Blu-ray.com


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