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4K UHD Review - Halloween H20

4K UHD Review - Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers


In 1989, the "Halloween" series made a bold creative choice to end on a cliffhanger with the fifth installment, "The Revenge of Michael Myers." Instead of being offered finality (at least the temporary stuff), the picture paved the way to another sequel, creating a mystery the production had no intention of solving right away, keeping things open for as many follow-ups as possible. Suddenly, there was a man in black busting head ghoul Michael Myers out of prison, with this development raising plenty of questions about motivation and relationships. Fans were set for a grand turn in the franchise's dramatic direction, and then…nothing. Six years later, "Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers" arrived, offering new studio leadership (Harvey and Bob Weinstein) and a strange sense of closure, with the gap in years forcing the production to give in to perceived audience craving for blood and guts, gradually losing focus on everything that began in "The Revenge of Michael Myers." Read the rest at


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