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We’re six years away from the 100th anniversary of the short “Steamboat Willie,” but now is as good as any time to explore the amazing history and cultural influence of Mickey Mouse. The character has been involved in pop culture for generations, and he’s basically responsible for the continued endurance of the Walt Disney Company, growing from a cartoon maniac to a corporate symbol, enduring all kinds of changes and challenges along the way. It’s up to director Jeff Malmberg (“Marwencol”) to make sense of all this history, and he gets most of the way there with “Mickey: The Story of a Mouse,” which hopes to deliver a sense of scale when it comes to the legacy of Mickey Mouse, going from doodles on a piece of paper to an untouchable icon representing different ideas to different people. “Mickey: The Story of a Mouse” is slickly made, but Malmberg fights for as much honesty as possible, touching on the light and dark sides of the character while three animators work out a way to address such longevity on film. Read the rest at


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