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Almost two decades ago, Court Crandall received a co-story credit on the hit film, “Old School.” He hasn’t done much since, but he’s back with “Bromates,” which hopes to use a similar level of sophomoric humor to inspire another success. He doesn’t have Todd Phillips to guide the project this time around, stepping up to be the writer/director of the project, which examines the misadventures of luckless, loveless men and their juvenile antics while pursuing some type of clarity in their hapless lives. “Bromates” endeavors to be a freewheeling viewing experience filled with slapstick and cringe comedy, but Crandall doesn’t go the extra mile when it comes to the imagination of such silliness. The crudeness of the feature is downright punishing, offering the lamest bits of wackiness and strangest moments of stupidity, with Crandall showing no discernable leadership with this assortment of artless incidents. Read the rest at


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