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Blu-ray Review - Satan's Children


1974's "Satan's Children" is a Floridian production, with director/producer Joe Wiezycki looking to enter the drive-in marketplace, coming up with his own take on the horrors of the Devil and followers who will do anything to gain favor with the Lord of Darkness. As it usually goes with this type of quickie endeavor, there's no filmmaking finesse present, with the production generating a collection of random moments and loose characterizations, with the glue of the feature homophobia in many forms. The legitimacy of such hostility is up to the viewer to decide, but Wiezycki is not skilled in the art of genre entertainment, creating an exceedingly boring viewing experience that has no suspense or surprises, mostly registering as a curious installment of Z-grade cinema from the murky depths of 1970s.  Read the rest at


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