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For some viewers, Billy Eichner is a celebrated comedian who’s appeared on hit shows and movies, building a passionate fanbase with his singular take on silliness. For everyone else, he’s the guy who pops up on T.V. every now and then, clutching a microphone and yelling at people. Eichner does a lot of yelling, with volume his signature move, making a name for himself as the loudest man in show business. He hopes to change such a reputation with “Bros,” co-scripting (with Nicholas Stoller, who directs) a romantic comedy for himself, allowing him to showcase other sides to his performance capabilities, including a rare view of softness. Eichner retains some hostility with the picture, but he also manages to find some heart to go with the laughs in this occasionally hilarious understanding of relationships and all the complications they provide. It’s nice to see Eichner doing something different, pulling off a performance that keeps things human, even when he returns to extremity to land a laugh. Read the rest at


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