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Blu-ray Review - King Car


"King Car" is a Brazilian production looking to combine elements of a horror film with social commentary concerning many issues facing the country, including class divide. It's co-written and directed by Renata Pinherio, who strives to make an artful picture filled with displays of shock value and general weirdness, which includes scenes of a female character having sex with a car. If you thought "Titane" was the only movie interested in the carnal cravings of automobiles, you'd be wrong, but Julie Ducournau's feature was something to behold, with a level of insanity that invited a deeper inspection of artistry. "King Car" is mostly a mess of ideas, with Pinherio too caught up in the madness she's creating with this riff on Stephen King's "Christine," unable to form a story out of the screenplay's borderline random assortment of images and incidents. Read the rest at


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