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Blu-ray Review - Killer's Delight


1978's "Killer's Delight" (titled "The Sport Killer" on the Blu-ray) is a Ted Bundy story before everyone understood exactly who Ted Bundy was. The saga of the serial killer and his fondness for murdering helpless women has been explored in numerous movies and T.V. shows, but writer Maralyn Thoma and director Jeremy Hoenack are basically the first in line with "Killer's Delight," though the picture only takes a vague inspiration from the crime story. The production is more of a detective tale with a few exploitation interests, and while the feature arranges a series of deadly encounters and some sleuthing, Hoenack doesn't exactly crank up the tension with this manhunt adventure, keeping things oddly slack as deadly games are played. Read the rest at Blu-ray.com


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