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Film Review - Black Friday


As the clever main title sequence for the film hints at, Black Friday has already become a zombie apocalypse in a way. The production offers hazy imagery of masses gathered to storm into buildings, filled with dead-eyed shoppers hoping to save a few bucks on worthless items, stampeding into stores like monsters eager to kill. “Black Friday” plays up the potential for violent mayhem on the corporate holiday, exaggerating the activities of average human maniacs, transforming them into an alien menace overwhelming a toy store on Thanksgiving, threatening the terrified staff. The satiric elements of the material (scripted by Andy Greskoviak) aren’t razor sharp, but “Black Friday” has the advantage of being tremendous amounts of fun to watch, and it's blessedly short, never overstaying its welcome as director Casey Tebo arranges a clash between vicious creatures and the minimum-wage warriors not paid enough to save the store. Read the rest at


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