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Film Review - Apex


Last year, Edward Drake co-wrote a terrible Bruce Willis VOD actioner, “Breach,” and this year he graduated to directing a bad Bruce Willis VOD actioner with “Cosmic Sin.” Sticking close to the star, Drake returns eight months later with “Apex,” which is…a wretched Bruce Willis actioner. I’m not exactly sure what’s going on in Willis’s life that’s compelling him to burn off his thespian credibility with these low-budget, brain-dead endeavors, but he’s determined to do it, collecting fat paychecks (I’m guessing) for no noticeable effort, this time emerging from a nap to participate in the umpteenth riff on “The Most Dangerous Game.” Drake and co-writer Corey Large don’t offer much to viewers with “Apex,” which doesn’t have any tension or compelling acts of violence. It’s DOA entertainment, with Willis as tuned out of the work as he’s ever been. Read the rest at


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