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It takes a lot to compete in the disaster movie subgenre, as audiences are used to seeing massive offerings of global destruction and all-star casts sprinting away from a catastrophe. “13 Minutes” is a budget version of a big screen extravaganza, created for the new weather emergency age we live in. Writer/director Lindsay Gossling endeavors to bring attention to American heartland anxieties, where severe storms are growing more common and deadly, ruining the lives of people already dealing with poverty, politics, and mistakes. Gossling attempts to fill the film with as many characters as possible, aiming to create a full understanding of community connection, but this approach offers a more dramatic viewing experience, which doesn’t quite work for the underwhelming screenplay. Tornados spin and hail pelts small-town U.S.A., but “13 Minutes” could use more focused writing, juggling the cinematic intensity of a superstorm and the emotional lives of those stuck trying to make it out alive. Read the rest at


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