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Film Review - Stop and Go


Covering movies about the COVID-19 experience hasn’t been pleasant, with these features tending to revel in the agony of a sick world inhabited by destructive people unable to manage their mental illness. Who really wants to sit through that? While a grim subject matter involving real-world suffering, the universe of COVID-19 is due for a comedic appraisal, with “Stop and Go” taking the first bold step forward, offering audiences a cathartic viewing experience that examines the insanity of March, 2020, when everything suddenly became very weird and dangerous for everyone. Writers Whitney Call and Mallory Everton (who also star in the movie) assess a world of the unknown for two women on a road trip across America, creating an enjoyably broad overview of risks and bonding that deals with familiar physical and mental health challenges. Against all odds, “Stop and Go” is hilarious, finding wonderful ways to deliver absurdity without becoming unspeakably bleak, with Call and Everton’s goofy sense of humor the perfect distraction during dire times. Read the rest at


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