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Film Review - Kate (2021)


It’s been a big summer for assassin movies, with “Gunpowder Milkshake” offered to most audiences and “The Protégé” trying its luck at the box office. “Kate” joins the violent fun with its own take on a troubled character experiencing a complete breakdown of order, forced to fight their way out of various challenges from villainous types using her particular set of skills to cause tremendous bodily harm. Screenwriter Umair Aleem (“Extraction”) aims to lift a few moves from a popular film noir, adding some elements of 1950’s “D.O.A.” into the DNA of the feature, giving the material a ticking clock in a death sentence to help inspire some elevated suspense. For at least two acts, Aleem keeps things relatively simple and brutal, offering star Mary Elizabeth Winstead a chance to showcase her action hero moves, which she does with authority, helping the endeavor reach its potential in the choreography department as the storytelling slowly starts going the wrong way during the climax. Read the rest at


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