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I’m sure the producers of “Crime Story” wouldn’t mind potential viewers thinking they’re sitting down with a variation on the “John Wick” formula of a one-man-army returning to the criminal underworld he left behind to settle some scores. Even more interesting is the addition of Richard Dreyfuss in the lead role, with the seventysomething actor finding his big mean again with an aggressive part. Unfortunately, “Crime Story” isn’t that invitingly preposterous, with writer/director Adam Lipius making a family story instead, scripting a knotted tale of broken promises and long-simmering resentment, also exploring end-of-life fears that have the potential to transform this effort into a more satisfying study of frustrations. It’s messy work, but Lipius does craft a few compelling scenes of mental anguish, touching on real-world concerns while overseeing a weirdly labyrinthine endeavor. Read the rest at


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