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Blu-ray Review - Ironmaster


Movie producers love a hit, especially when success belongs to another feature. The urgency to replicate an impressive box office take is found in 1983's "Ironmaster," which makes an attempt to become the next "Quest for Fire." The 1981 Jean-Jacques Annaud picture surprised a lot of people when it found an audience, and "Ironmaster" is here to sustain such excitement, only without the "science fantasy" angle that made the original prehistoric adventure endeavor so memorable. Director Umberto Lenzi keeps the cavemen and the mystery of the time period, but generally drops everything else, working to make more of an actioner instead, and one that details the formation of metal-based combat. There are more conversations in "Ironmaster," and a lot more ridiculous behavior, with Lenzi overseeing a repetitive effort that launches with enthusiasm but gradually runs out of things to do. Read the rest at


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