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Two months ago, writer/directors David Charbonier and Justin Powell made a positive impression with “The Djinn,” a horror feature tracking a night of survival for a boy trapped inside an apartment with a malevolent spirit. For their second picture of 2021, “The Boy Behind the Door,” the helmers do away with supernatural interests to make a straightforward suspense endeavor about two boys trapped inside a house with malevolent people. It’s not a huge creative leap forward for Charbonier and Powell, who seem to have a tremendous fondness for tormenting innocent kids onscreen, but they also know how to create some viable thrills and chills. “The Boy Behind the Door” definitely has the dramatic goals of a short film, but Charbonier and Powell work hard to extend the tension of the movie, coming up with a few effective cat-and-mouse sequences to juice up a mostly static effort. Read the rest at


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