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Film Review - Masquerade


Home invasion movies can be made quickly and cheaply, which seems to be the motivation behind the creation of “Masquerade.” Writer/director Shane Dax Taylor isn’t trying to cook up his own “Panic Room” with the picture, merely working to slap together some low-wattage thrills with what appears to be an unfinished screenplay. Taylor really doesn’t have much to work with in “Masquerade,” which is playing the long game when it comes to surprises, and even then, the climax is not worth the wait. If extended scenes of house exploration and attic hiding are your thing, perhaps there’s something of worth here. For everyone else, the endeavor is perhaps most interesting as an example of independent film financing, with the producers putting their money behind a feature that has no polish, no tension, and carries visible stretchmarks as it tries to reach an 80-minute-long run time. Read the rest at


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