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Film Review - The Forever Purge


“The Purge” has been incredibly good to creator James DeMonaco. It’s been his business since the debut of the 2013 feature, which made a lot of money on a tight budget, inspiring him to keep churning out sequels and prequels until filmgoers cry uncle. “The Forever Purge” is the fifth installment of the horror franchise (which took a detour into television in 2018), with DeMonaco continuing to write these chapters, handing directorial duties to Everado Gout. There’s a formula to this stuff, with DeMonaco pretending displays of horrific violence and human cruelty somehow reflect the state of America, trying to pass off crude B-movie mayhem as a giant mirror held up to a divided country. Not all of his ideas are far off from the truth, but his screenplays have always been cringe-inducing, and “The Forever Purge” is no different. DeMonaco loves to make cartoons, and his latest summation of national rage is just as brainless as the previous endeavors. The big change here is breathing room, with Gout trying to keep things moving along for a change, making for a somewhat lighter, more approachable “Purge.” Read the rest at


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