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2018’s “Peter Rabbit” seemed like a disaster in the making, with the production working to hip-up the iconic Beatrix Potter character, going full-Poochie to get kids interested in a character who’s been around since 1902. The original film is not a great work of art, but it made a ton of money, delighting family audiences with its slapstick and lively voicework, fulfilling its purpose as the beginning of a new franchise that trades Potter-y stillness for more cartoonish antics. For “Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway,” the vibe is generally the same, with returning director Will Gluck (who co-scripts with Patrick Burleigh) concentrating on his CG-animated stars as they find themselves in new kinds of trouble, while the adults also deal with mild moral corruption. What’s different about “The Runaway” is confidence, with Gluck knowing his vision for the brand name works for many, willing to let the sequel get wackier and weirder as it aims for laughs. Read the rest at


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