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Film Review - Infinite


“Infinite” is a loose adaptation of a 2009 book by author D. Eric Maikranz, with the producers working to inflate the novel’s understanding of reincarnation to fuel a potential fantasy franchise that could conceivably welcome a new ensemble with every installment. It’s a fascinating approach to blockbuster filmmaking, handed to director Antoine Fuqua, who’s not known for making refined movies. The helmer’s smash-em instincts work relatively well in this picture, which aims to become a type of comic book extravaganza featuring nasty villains, troubled heroes, and special abilities that develop over the run time. A few miscastings weaken the viewing experience, but “Infinite” is entertaining, transforming into a YA adventure for adult audiences, with the endeavor working especially hard to build enough momentum for future installments. Read the rest at


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