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“False Positive” is a slight reworking of “Rosemary’s Baby,” trading satanic panic for modern fertility fears, providing a different kind of jolt with a similar sense of creepiness. Co-writer/director John Lee is a somewhat strange choice for the project, with “The Heart, She Hollar” creator and “Pee-Wee’s Big Holiday” helmer certainly familiar with weirdness, but less proven with genre entertainment. He’s joined by co-writer/actress Ilana Glazer, with the pair endeavoring to update the patriarchal themes of “Rosemary’s Baby” while delving deeper into surreal imagery and freak-out reactions. “False Positive” is a slow-burn endeavor, much too leisurely at times, but Glazer and Lee have certain ideas on the female experience that emerge with clarity, and they get awfully close to fascinating levels of darkness at times. Read the rest at


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