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“The Vault” offers an old-fashioned bank robbing caper for the masses, with director Jaume Balaguero going where many storytellers have gone before. A different kind of screen energy is suggested by the production’s choice of helmer, as Balaguero is co-architect of the “Rec” series of horror films, giving the genre a few bumps of excitement with these imaginative offerings. “The Vault” doesn’t do blood and guts, but it offers a comfortable ride of escapism, following a team of thieves as they attempt to crack the unusual code of the Bank of Spain’s security system. The feature follows the ups and downs of such a suspenseful mission, and Balaguero manages to mount a few highlights to keep the viewing experience engrossing. He can’t come up with a satisfying conclusion, but the ride to the final moment delivers surges of suspense and traditional acts of criminal planning. Read the rest at


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