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Film Review - Shoplifters of the World


A musical appreciation of The Smiths arrives in the form of “Shoplifters of the World,” which attempts to summon the somber poetry of the Manchester band for a very Richard Linklater-esque take on outcasts and emotional purging. It’s not built directly for fans of the group, but the faithful will likely get the most out of the feature, which offers a leisurely understanding of young lives in flux on the last night of their freedom, facing a dire future of responsibility and obsolescence. “Shoplifters of the World” is reminiscent of the 1994 comedy, “Airheads,” but writer/director Stephen Kijak isn’t one to inject a sense of humor into the production, trying to take personal lives and needs seriously, filling the film with music from The Smiths to set the proper mood of tortured adolescence. Read the rest at


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