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One doesn’t sit down with a movie like “Senior Moment” holding expectations for a riveting plot. Of course, more detailed writing wouldn’t hurt (and it would certainly help this feature), but viewers are likely choosing to view this picture due its star power, with William Shatner and Jean Smart trying to make sense of a mild romantic comedy from director Giorgio Serafini, a prolific director of DTV actioners and dramas. “Senior Moment” doesn’t provide a memorable viewing experience, finding the screenplay by Kurt Brungardt and Christopher Momenee very restrained when it comes to dramatic stakes, offering an endeavor that’s easy on the senses, while Serafini is permissive with his cast, letting them do whatever they want. What works here are small amounts of charm from seasoned professionals, giving the effort a few blips of character and feeling before the whole thing loses its way again, trusting in Shatner and Smart to find a way out. Read the rest at


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